Belated Post: Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Menu (from left to right): Mom’s famous microwave garlic butter potatoes (Recipe coming soon!) Traditional Cherry pie filling (to top the ham slices) Vegetable Medley with Wiltdree butter-flavored grapeseed oil Golden Macaroni and Cheese (Discovered onPinterest) Carando spiral sliced ham with maple brown sugar glaze and roasted carrots I always find that I … Continue reading

Poppy’s Kitchen

This is (yet another) attempt at blogging. It’s different this time though, because it’s about my kitchen. It’s about food. It’s about crafty things. So basically, it’s about me as an artist and food connoisseur. I am a geek, a foodie, a wife, a dog whisperer, and scrabble junkie. I will dominate you at scrabble … Continue reading