Salsa Adventures

Hello again. My nearly two week hiatus was unexpected and unintended. With summer, comes the desire to leave the stove off. It also comes with the desire to eat lighter, and let’s be honest, a blog about sandwiches is just not my thing. Salsa, though. Salsa is my thing. Or at least, it’s becoming my … Continue reading

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

It’s been a while since we used the crock pot, and yesterday Josh decided it would be awesome to put it to good use and make something delicious and easy. He got the idea from a coworker to make crock pot chicken, and spice it up by adding a packet of taco seasoning. After adding … Continue reading

Photo Blog: 5 Days of Food

Wednesday:  Leftovers for lunch. Revamped greek-talian pita, with all the same ingredients as the Greek-talian bruschetta from the night before. Yum! Dinner that night was shared with friends and consisted of Beer breaded pork chops with Blue Cheese topped asparagus. For dessert we enjoyed nutella croissants (a recipe a friend found on Pinterest). Thursday: Dinner with out of … Continue reading