About Poppy

A Resolution:
I’m Ranah (Renée), and I started this blog in January 2012, sort of as a New-Year’s-Resolution-type-deal. Inspired by a friend who made her 2011 Resolution to experiment with new food in the kitchen, I’ve been yearning to make a similar commitment.

While this blog will feature the occasional guilty snack, the overall goal is to present my readers with creative and healthy meal options.

More About Me:
I am a professional web/graphic designer and live with my husband in the Kansas City metro.  As a transplant from Wisconsin, I once enjoyed the sweet tastes of Leon’s frozen custard, New Glarus Spotted Cow and Aaron Rodger’s beautiful face. Now living in Kansas City I enjoy Rock n’ Rolls from Friends Sushi, Sunday services at Shoal Creek and volunteering with dogs & cats at the GPSPCA. I am also a member of the Helles Angels Women’s beer club, because well, Heaven is Craft Beer! 🙂

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