Healthy Finger Foods Don’t Need to Suck

Whenever I’m on a health kick, I really like to snack. I read a ton of articles that tell me snacking is the way to go, and naturally I believe it. So what do I do if I can’t reach into a deep bag of potato chips to stuff my face? Am I limited to a bowl of grapes (which is perfectly tasty, btw) or a tub of yogurt? Not necessarily.

I’ve seen these little cucumber sandwiches floating around Pinterest. By the way, what is up with cucumber? Apparently you can put them on your eyes, in your water and now people are making sandwiches out of them. Cucumber is kind of the floozy of the health food world… it gets around. Regardless, I do quite enjoy these silly little cucumber sandwiches. Call me crazy, but don’t call me late for dinner (slow clap).


Yes, those are bacon crumbles.

Now, this next finger food might not be “as” healthy, but it is definitely a healthier alternative than what its emulating. Baked or lightly fried crab rangoon was my jam for quite a while. Plus, it’s crazy cheap. You’re talking maybe $4 for the egg roll wrappers. .99 cents for the cream cheese (nonfat, lowfat, blah blah blah) and $4 for the package of imitation crab (if you so choose to make that your fish/meat of choice). It’s like, $5 for something you could randomly whip up.

CrabRangoon-1 CrabRangoon-2 CrabRangoon-3 CrabRangoon-4

The pocket fold crab rangoon, and this is only a theory, seems to be a little bit healthier since it can be laid flat and requires less time to deep fry. Wouldn’t this mean less oil to be absorbed? Who knows. It’s probably magic.

And last but not least, in relation to egg roll wrappers, you can make these cool little wonton cup snacks. These are buffalo chicken with scallion. Yuuuurm.


So there you have it. Finger foods that don’t suck. You’re welcome!

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