Poppy’s Kitchen

This is (yet another) attempt at blogging. It’s different this time though, because it’s about my kitchen. It’s about food. It’s about crafty things. So basically, it’s about me as an artist and food connoisseur. I am a geek, a foodie, a wife, a dog whisperer, and scrabble junkie. I will dominate you at scrabble and then whip you up a delicious greek pita. No joke.

And the tins? You ask? I am becoming a vintage tin junkie. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something that grandma kept her flour in, in the 1920’s. Just something that looks retro, or aged. I have a huge design crush on vintage packaging/tin trends and typography, so I do geeky things like examine the kerning and quirks of each letter.

These tins are slowly infiltrating my kitchen, and even our guest bathroom. They’re groovy, and apparently they’re the hot gift to give a newlywed couple who just bought their first home. I was never one to believe I had a “thing”, but I guess kitchen things, anything with earth tones and tins are “it”.

My “thing” is “Kitchen things”. Awesome.

So alas. Here is my blog attempt on food and all things kitchen and crafts. Why crafts? Because they’re cool, and I need an outlet for all of my nifty Pinterest ideas.

Bon Appétite!

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