Belated Post: Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Menu (from left to right):

I always find that I have a little bit of trouble with timing my dinners, and getting everything out at just the right time. One of my dishes is usually cold, I’ll admit. However, this dinner was perfectly-timed. Everything was sizzling on the dinner table, which was pretty dang pleasing to me. The hero of our holiday dinners in 2011 was undoubtedly the Golden Macaroni and Cheese. I’ve been making it almost nonstop for every holiday party. It’s not the greatest for your health (or my cholesterol!), but it’s the kind of home-cooked soul food you crave on a chilly winter day.

And why Carando ham? Because it’s simply the best. It even comes with a delicious packet of maple brown sugar glaze that is to DIE for. So sweet and salty all at the same time. Josh comes from the tradition of topping his ham with cherry pie filling, which was something that was completely foreign to me. It totally makes sense though, like the maple brown sugar glaze, to top a ham with something sweet. Don’t ask me why it was so crazy to me. I used to top my ham with pineapple all the time.

Alas, Christmas dinner 2011 was a great success! Coming soon… a recap of our 2011 Thanksgiving!

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