Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles

Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles

Ever since Josh bought me a KitchenAid mixer for our anniversary, I’ve been scoping out recipes to break it in with. So far I’ve made snickerdoodle cookies and mini mushroom tartlets, but I’m also planning on making cornmeal pizza crust and crown cheddar rolls this week/weekend. Not to mention that with the recipe for the … Continue reading

Banana Poke Cake

The Country Cook has some good stuff. So good, that I decided I would bake a cake on the 4th of July. I decided to go with the Banana Poke Cake, since my husband loves banana cakes and whatnot. It turned out perfect, and was crazy easy. View the Recipe here, from The Country Cook Ingredients: … Continue reading

Snickerdoodle Apple Pie

Inspired by some delicious snickerdoodle cookies that a good friend made for us last fall, Josh decided to make an apple pie this weekend. But not just any pie, a snickerdoodle apple pie. It turned out delicious, and I can’t tell you how much I love being married to a man that can cook AND … Continue reading