Apple & Pork Shish Kebabs

PorkKabobs-1When I thought about sharing this recipe, I had a moment of truth where I thought “what the hell is a shish?”. After some passionate googling, I feel both ignorant and enlightened. Kebabs have been around for a while, y’all… and the Middle East knows how it’s done. I’m talking lamb, sturgeon, big ol’ tomatoes. It’s just another one of those quests for knowledge that makes me want to spend all day cooking things on sticks. Also, I’ve learned that I have been spelling “kebab” like “kabob”…which is apparently a very nice little American thing to do.

Anyway, back when it was still warm outside we spent a lot of time making “stick food”. Let me be (maybe) the first to tell you that wooden skewers are the devil. Once I master the art of stabbing meat with skewers, without getting splinters in my fingers, I will let you know. Maybe some metal skewers are in order. Once it’s all said and done though, it’s pretty marvelous.

I for one LOVE bite sized food. It makes me feel dainty. I also love a layer of char on my food, and would be known as the girl who likes her food damn near burnt (within reason, of course). I love the crisp of an open fire, coupled with cooking outside. Now if only we could build a fire pit and make it feel a little more authentic than cooking over the ease of a propane grill.

Apple Pork Skewers (by the way, grilled apples are THEE bomb):

  • 1lb boneless pork chop
  • 4 granny smith apples
  • 1 onion
  • BBQ apple marinade sauce (I had gotten it from one of those catalog parties.. forgive my memory)
  • Dried rosemary & pepper season salt
  • Bacon Bacon (Tastefully Simple)

Directions: Chop all that raw goodness up into bite-sized chunks and place in apple marinade sauce. Allow to marinate for 4-8 hours, or overnight. The next day, skewer pork, apples and onions in a pattern. This will ensure that oniony apple-y goodness is evenly dispersed. Add seasonings to taste. Place skewers on a grill and cook thoroughly until pork is no longer raw at center, and apples are soft to the touch (about 20-30 minutes). And voila! Meat on sticks.





The combinations for kebabs are endless. It really is a versatile (and breadless) dinner, where the whole family could assemble something they’d enjoy eating. Someday I hope to try out some authentic recipes from the middle east, and maybe a veggie version too. Grilled pineapple is incredible, so maybe something involving that as well.

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