Smell the Flowers

Fun fact: I love floral design. I have been arranging flowers since my wedding planning days, and since then I’ve become pretty passionate about it. I don’t know that I’d ever sell my arrangements, but I sure do enjoy making them.

Lately I’ve been getting my flower loot from the farmer’s market. Usually $5-$10 will get me an extravagant bouquet of wildflowers that I can divi up and place around the house. I have about 20 vases leftover from my wedding table arrangements, so it really puts them to good use.

The vases on the left are actually Starbucks’ vanilla cappuccino bottles. They sort of remind me of old milk delivery glasses, and I love using them.

Can anyone name these pink and purple flowers?

Closed buds are actually one of my favorite floral ornaments to use in my designs. They usually have these cool curly branches that add some uniqueness to the arrangement.

The fun part!

I recently snagged a bundle that had these huge happy looking sunflowers. One of them lived for about two weeks!

These purple petals are beautiful, but beware! They start shedding after a few days 😦

I usually get flowers at least once every two weeks. My last bouquet was a 2 week survivor from Sam’s club. There are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way to keep bouquets alive:

  1. Cut the stems off about a quarter of an inch before placing in water. This is pretty much standard protocol, as many bouquets are about 5 inches longer than a standard vase.
  2. Place flowers in luke warm water, measuring at about half the vase.
  3. Remove excess leaves and branches, especially those that would be submerged in water. This is a trick I learned to help prevent molding. Once the plant drinks some of the water, the excess leaves get soggy and start smelling funny. Snipping these off early helps ensure the flowers have proper breathing room in the vase.
  4. Replace water every day.
  5. If plant food comes with the bouquet, do not use all of this at once. In fact, use as little as you can. Stems will not require a ton of food to stay pretty, so I recommend a pinch or two of plant food every day. This in combination with the fresh water will help the plant survive longer.
  6. At one week, give the stems another quarter inch trim. Sometimes the base of the stems can get sort of clogged and murky. Trimming them again will ensure a free flow of water.
  7. I once heard that putting a tablespoon or so of warm sprite into the water will help the flow of water to the stems. This is something we used to do with our Christmas tree, so I’m not sure how well it will work on flowers. Still worth a try sometime.

And with that, you can have beautiful store-bought or farmers market flowers that actually live for more than 3 days. Imagine that!


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