Salsa Adventures

Hello again.

My nearly two week hiatus was unexpected and unintended. With summer, comes the desire to leave the stove off. It also comes with the desire to eat lighter, and let’s be honest, a blog about sandwiches is just not my thing.

Salsa, though. Salsa is my thing. Or at least, it’s becoming my thing.

I’ll be frank with you. I made this salsa about two weeks ago. That’s how distracted summer makes me. Nonetheless, my salsa experiment was crazy fun, and got me using my beautiful new food processor (birthday gift from my amazing husband!). Folks, I’ve never used a food processor before. Laugh it up! I didn’t even know how to properly assemble it. I needed Josh to help me. Should I be admitting this? I’m in good company, so yes. I will admit it. But now that I’m an expert (ha ha), you’ll be seeing more food-processed-voodoo around these parts.

Salsa, an experiment.

I didn’t really use a recipe for this salsa. I browsed the internet for a while to get an idea how to start my base, and Rotel seemed to be the popular choice. I’m very fond of Rotel (see future post on “Kayla’s Black Bean Soup”), as it’s chunky and pretty inherently flavorful. So here are the essentials:

  • Rotel diced tomatoes
  • Can of whole peeled tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Lime (for zesting)
  • Sugar
  • Salt

Salsa #1: Aka “Way too Spicy for Me” Salsa

I have a smaller food processor, and what started out as making the salsa in batches, turned into making different salsas each time. As the process went on, I added funkier things. In the case of this salsa, I used only the basic ingredients above. The ratio of jalapeno to tomato was pretty drastic for me, and I wound up not being able to eat this salsa at all. My husband seemed to like it, but commented that the heat probably wore off a bit after the salsa sat in the fridge overnight.

Salsa #2: Aka “Hubby’s Favorite” Salsa

This salsa had some more funky things in it. I added banana peppers (a favorite of Josh’s) and corn to chunk it up a bit more. We both prefer super chunky salsa, so it’s pretty easy to agree. Since I used most of the jalapeno on the last batch, I anticipated less spice. However, the addition of cumin made it pretty crazy. This salsa was spicier than the first, so again it was a bit too intense for my taste.

Salsa #3: Aka “Sweet and Salty” Salsa

There is all sorts of fonky stuff in this salsa. Mango, lots of raw sugar, and corn were the “special ingredients” for this batch. One thing I will disclaim, and I think I read this somewhere in my salsa research, is that everything is good in moderation when it comes to salsa. And this is damn true. I used way too much cilantro in every batch. So next time, I’ll scale that back like crazy. Regardless, this batch was the best. It was sweet, salty and chunky. Yum!

Salsa #4: Aka “So Close to Good” Salsa

See those green chunks in the first picture? Yeah, those were a mistake. Ever eat the peel of a lime? It’s NASTAY. I decided to be unique and add little chopped up pieces of the lemon peel to the salsa. BAD POPPY. BAD. The peel has a dominate flavor, and made the entire batch taste like stank. STANK I say. So if you’re going to make this batch (which is basically like the first batch, but with stank peel and corn) please do me a favor and just use the lime juice. K THX.

If you make your salsa accordingly, you WILL have a ton of leftovers.

All the beauty that was Salsa 3. Nom nom nom.

4 thoughts on “Salsa Adventures

  1. GIRL. I am so glad you’re back! Also: you NEED to make pineapple salsa. It is my new favorite thing! But I buy mine, because I do not have a food processor. (Note to self, get a husband, then get him to buy me a food processor. Lucky duck! Yay, Josh!) But it is SO GOOD! Or, well, it is if you are they type of person to eat pineapple on your pizza, because that’s kind of what the pineapple + tomato flavor combo reminds me of.

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