Apple & Cheese Panini

I’ve been all about the quick dinner lately, but somehow I’ve talked myself into at least spending 15 minutes on making meals, no matter what I make. Preparing dinners that involve chopping up veggies is not only good for the 15 minute resolution, but also keeps me eating healthy. A couple nights ago, I whipped up these apple paninis pretty quickly. No recipe, just working with what I know about pairing. Enjoy!

Ps…I totally did cut the arcs of the crust. I don’t have “panini” bread, so I faked it. Also, I realized I don’t have a cooking press or weight that I can use to get that “smushed” panini aesthetic… so I pressed a wide spatula down on it for most of the cooking. I run a thrifty kitchen, yo.

Big ol’ slabs of ham.

Grillin’ & Thrillin’

Quick and easy, and done in under 15 minutes. Yum!

6 thoughts on “Apple & Cheese Panini

  1. Mmmmmm. Those look so freaking good.

    Just yesterday I had this panini from Bruggers Bagels that was AMAZING. Turkey, cheddar cheese, red onions, green apples, and some kind of cranberry topping. You’d love it!

  2. I’ve got to get my self a skillet/grill that I can use for quick paninis – awesome idea! Apples sound yummi too, hadn’t thought of that =-)

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