Cheeseburger Quesadillas

I know, I know. Another quesadilla? I think I warned you all in my second or third post that I was all about the dilla, but really can we complain about cheesy tortilla goodness? Probably not. I think it’s next to pizza, in my book. So we’ve been hitting up the grill pretty much every day since we got it, which means LEFTOVERS. And tons of them. Rather than throw the leftover cheeseburger we had in the fridge on a bun, I thought, let’s kick it up a notch (ayoooo Emeril!).

Have you met my best friend, the avocado? 

Not gonna lie. I snuck a lot of bites of these little mini cheeseburger pieces.

I was not brave enough to go cheeseless on this one.

Get in my bellayyy!

Would putting this on a bun been easier? Yes. But it sure looks mighty good this way.

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