Tonight’s Dinner: Chicken Yakisoba

Let me preface this post by saying that Budget Bytes is one of my new favorite cooking blogs.

I’ve only tried a couple of recipes from the blog so far, but the ingredients are itemized and listed by amount needed, name and cost. The breakdown and totaling is pretty helpful when I’m deciding how much I want to spend come grocery time. Not to mention, the posts follow a clean and consistent format, which is everything my little blog strives to be some day.

I knew that when I saw the variety of ingredients in this version of Yakisoba, that I wanted to try it. Beth points out that this is not authentic yakisoba, but regardless, it sure was tasty!

It’s funny because as I was preparing the recipe, I realized I only had one package of ramen. I mean really, who only has one package of this stuff lying around!?? I think the noodles were plentiful though, so it seemed to work out.

Just don’t do what I did and throw the noodles in before sautéing the veggies. What a mess! 😛

Thanks Budget Bytes!!!

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