Veggie Week! Avocado Quesadilla

In honor of my self-declared Veggie Week, I decided to make a veggie quesadilla for dinner on Tuesday. The kicker was that halfway through making it, I decided to challenge myself to omit cheese all together. That’s right. A quesadilla without quesa? What kind of madness is this?! Instead, I slathered a bunch of avocado on the quesadilla to substitute. The avocado was a great touch in helping the quesadilla to be heavy and sticky enough to keep everything together. I grilled it all up in my favorite grill-top stove pan and was crazy pleased with how it turned out.

Sautéing the veggies. I used mushrooms, green peppers, cucumber and tomatoes. The tomatoes kind of wasted away though, so they don’t really count 😛

Adding in the avocado. I used a whole avocado, which is probably a little excessive. 1/2 avocado would work perfectly fine.

Again… why did I go years without pan-frying my quesadillas?? They look amazing and are crunchy when pan-fried.

And at last. No cheese, but still amazingly delicious, and healthier than your average quesadilla!

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