BLT quesadillas

I was recently inspired by The Ranting Chef to create a BLATT-type meal. What is a BLATT, you ask? It’s Bacon, lettuce, avocado, turkey and tomato. Despite having all sorts of bread in the house, I was craving quesadillas. So I thought, why not make a BLATT-sadilla?

Instead of using lettuce and regular turkey, I opted for spinach and sierra pepper turkey. I also added cilantro!

Like The Ranting Chef, I too crush pepper over my bacon. It’s the only way to make bacon!

Why have I not been pan-grilling my tortilla shells before baking my quesadillas? It makes everything look so much more appetizing!

Layering the quesadilla ingredients. This would actually make a really good salad, too!

And the final product. Cheesy layered goodness!

I have this habit of serving my quesadillas with sour cream, but Josh and I agreed that this quesadilla would be better with something else. Perhaps a chipotle mayo-type dipping sauce (if any).

I mean come on, everything is better with avocado and bacon ;-). Bon Appétit!

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