Photo Blog: 5 Days of Food

Wednesday:  Leftovers for lunch. Revamped greek-talian pita, with all the same ingredients as the Greek-talian bruschetta from the night before. Yum! Dinner that night was shared with friends and consisted of Beer breaded pork chops with Blue Cheese topped asparagus. For dessert we enjoyed nutella croissants (a recipe a friend found on Pinterest).

Thursday: Dinner with out of town guests. Beef tacos with cilantro, chives, black olives, diced roma tomatoes, spinach, cheese, sour cream and red peppers. Guacamole with fresh lime juice and tortilla chips on the side. We were in heaven!

Friday: Restaurant/Fish Day. O’dowd’s Fish and Chips for work lunch. Friends Sushi (featuring my personal favorite, the Rock N’ Roll in the center) for girls’ night out.

Saturday: Kansas City BBQ night. Jack Stack burnt ends (brisket & pork) with cheesy corn. (This is not my picture 😦 The lighting is crazy low in this place, so I borrowed it from this cool blog).

Sunday: Farmer’s Market. Bloom Baking Company’s ham & cheese croissant. Absolutely delicious!

Tonight I am making Chloe Sabzi Pulao, an Indian recipe I found in a magazine on the flight back from Mexico! Stay tuned for the outcome 😉

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