There’s an App for that

Nothing says “Welcome back” like a lovely trip to the grocery store. It had been almost a month since our last trip, and I was feeling JIVED to get my shop on. Before I went out, I remembered I downloaded a fancy grocery app for my phone. It’s called Grocery Gadget, and I’m just starting to  learn how to use it. So far I am only using the shopping list feature, which is pretty handy all by itself. I mean really, these are the things that I get excited about. My 13 year old self would be weeping in a corner somewhere if she knew this would happen.

But alas, I am terribly excited about the new app. I am a little bit of an organization freak, so it’s all cool to me. This app was awesome at getting me in and out of the store within a half hour. I will also note how much I enjoy having a phone that can answer my silly questions like “Where in the grocery store can I find cardamom?”. Ahhh yes. Shopping heaven.

I will disclaim that the app costs like $4. I mean really, what’s $4? But in the app world, I guess that’s considered pricey. So if it’s a deal-breaker, then sorry y’all!

Happy App’ing!

2 thoughts on “There’s an App for that

  1. I do most of my shopping online but occasionally I actually like going in to the store and walking around. It would be great if this app could sync with the supermarkets online lists so that I could take my saved Pavillions list and import it so that I don’t even have to put it all in manually (because I am lazy like that!) Still – based on your excitement I may have to check it out!

    • I believe it does do that… but it only pulls from a list of preferred stores. I am sure it’s location-based, but I know that I couldn’t find Price Chopper (KC local). So that was kind of a bummer. It does, however, allow you to scan items and detects their price and stock info. You can also create new lists based on recipes or specific trips to the store, and remembers items you’ve bought. I will have to do some digging to figure out the full potential. 🙂

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