Mashed Cauliflower

Josh did that awesome thing where he comes up with a nifty recipe out of the blue again. I guess that my mother in-law made this once, and it was an instant hit. I think I’ve seen this concept floating around the internet, but never really thought to try it. Anyway, mashed cauliflower is THEE bomb. That’s right. I brought the bomb back.

Cauliflower VS Potatoes

So let’s get down to brass tacks. Cauliflower loses about 30-50% of its nutritional benefits within the first few minutes of heating, so it’s not exactly a reliable source of fiber and all that good stuff once it’s cooked. One cup of boiled potatoes will contain more fiber than cauliflower… so if fiber is what you’re going for, stick with mom’s famous homemade mashed potatoes. On the flip side, one cup of boiled cauliflower will have significantly less calories than a cup of boiled potatoes. If you’re counting calories and want a “cheap” side dish, it’s cauliflower for the win! (source – Livestrong)

The Taste

The difference in taste is subtle, while the similarity in texture and consistency is uncanny. If it weren’t for cauliflower’s distinct taste, you’d think you were enjoying a hearty serving of mashed potatoes. I found the flavor to be quite unexpected and very tasty.

Customizing the Mash

When Josh made this last night, he added a few things that really enhanced the (already delicious) flavor of the mash. He added a few shakes of onion powder, fat free feta cheese, fat free sour cream and kale. These light-weight additions maintained the healthy value of the dish, and reinforced the ease of customization for this dish. I could see all sorts of fun herbs and spices being added, and I even began to envision delicious inventions, like cauliflower twice baked potatoes. (Which I’m sure is already floating around Pinterest somewhere by now!) Needless to say, mashed cauliflower is a quick and easy side that packs a big punch.

The End Result

2 thoughts on “Mashed Cauliflower

  1. Looks tasty Ranario. I can dig it. I can imagine a cream of cauli soup tasting yummers too. Thats a bummer though, about the nutritional value loss with cooking. Did God intend us to eat everything raw? Sheesh!

    • Cream of cauli soup sounds delicious. And yeah, it’s amazing how much heat can affect the dynamic of food! Though, I can’t say I don’t enjoy the taste of cauliflower straight up. It’s pretty good by itself, too! 🙂

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