Superbowl Eats

Sorry for the late post, y’all. Starting a new job has been a thrilling, and busy adventure!

No matter how far I get from Wisconsin, it’s very clear that I will always have food habits that creep into every party I have.  These “party” food habits involve copious amounts of cheese, beer and brats. We had about 8+ people over for our Superbowl party, and about 3x the amount of food we actually needed. That’s another food habit from good ol’ Wisco. Go big, or go home.

I will note that I  think I get most of my entertaining habits from my mother. I love a variety of food, as well as an eclectic selection bowls and plates in different sizes, colors and shapes. It really makes you feel like you’re enjoying a family-style meal.

One thing I’ve become obsessed with lately is this whole party meatball thing. Seriously. I bought two packages of meat balls and simmered them in the crock pot for ~3 hours in pasta sauce from Target. And seriously, like, the cheapest target brand pasta sauce. It’s delicious. I will go on all day about finding the perfect pasta sauce in a future blog. But basically, for being the el-cheapo pasta sauce knock off, this stuff is pretty good.

I usually try to scope out some fun and unique cheese, but that’s when I buy cheese for myself, or for me and Josh. To keep the crowd happy, I used a variety pack of cheese. It’s a little on the pricey side, but was super convenient and easy to cube. I guess that’s sort of what I was going for, considering all the other treats that needed to be thrown together.

Speaking of crowd-pleasers, the Taco Dip was a must. It’s so important, I capitalized it. Taco Dip is a family tradition of mine (and well, probably everyone’s). It’s terribly easy (1 brick of cream cheese combined with 2 cups sour cream, blended with a packet of taco seasoning and topped with lettuce, tomato, etc), and yields so much that I’ve been having it for lunch/snacks all week. I’d take a picture of the travel-work-sized T-Dip, but it’s already almost gone 😉

We also were lucky enough to have some tasty contributions for the party. We had pretzels dipped in chocolate and caramel (you had me at chocolate), corn bread (seriously, I love cornbread), and “Drunken Weenies” (cocktail weenies slow cooked with bourbon and bbq sauce.. WOAH).

Alas, the Packers were not in the Superbowl… but it was still a great excuse to throw back some cold beers and snack on some delicious food. In my mind, that’s a victory in itself!


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