Taqueria Mexico

Farewell work lunch #1. This was NOT good for me.

But, it was good. 🙂

A potentially biased review:

Taqueria Mexico is a hole in the wall. I mean this in the nicest way possible. If you were to drive past it, you might give it a “meh… no thanks”. But really though, this place is legit. Once you get past the doors, you realize it’s a warm and friendly place with some of the best Mexican food. Ever. The portions are generous, and the servers are crazy attentive. I mean, refilling your drink when it’s half full and asking if you need anything every 5 minutes.

The lunch specials at this place are sweet. For $6.50, you can get some kind of a combo that comes with a generous portion of rice and beans. They’re willing to take custom orders, which is pretty cool. Especially in the case of the photo above, where I asked for a taco instead of an enchilada. I have mad love for enchiladas, but their tacos are thee BOMB.

PS) All you can eat FREE chips & salsa. I’ve gone to a lot of places that will charge you for this. The chips are served nice and toasty, and the salsa has a slight chunky consistency and comes in medium and hot. FYI: The salsa with the spoon is always the spicy one. I’ve learned this the hard way 😛

Above set of pictures, courtesy of Yelp!

If you’re in KC, and looking for some good eats, head on over!

Taqueria Mexico
910 SW Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64108


2 thoughts on “Taqueria Mexico

  1. If I am ever out there I will def have to check this place out. You mentioned the tacos and enchiladas but what else do they serve? Is it a wide variety of Mexican food, or a smaller more narrow selection? Many of the hole in the wall family owned restaurants here in Los Angeles have smaller, traditional home style dishes and one or two signature dishes. It’s awesome that they take custom orders, I haven’t had breakfast yet and it’s almost 10 am here – so needless to say this post has left me very hungry!

  2. They have a huge menu. Authentic Mexican food, but also some obviously more Americanized dishes (cheesy, refried beany). I’ve seen ceviche on the menu, as well as Molcajete (I had to google that spelling, because I am too white). I’ve heard great things about their tacos and burritos al pastor, as well. I think I even saw a dish with mussels. Paella maybe?

    They appear to be family owned, but that could be a guess. If you’re ever in KC for work, hit me up and we’ll see what else is on the menu 🙂

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